Gordon Reid

Week 4 - Black and White

Week 4 of the photography challenge is "Black and White". The weather has been terrible so I haven't wanted to go out and take pictures outside very often. I had thought about trying to grab a picture of some interesting Halloween decorations but there hasn't been many near where I live.

Instead I took a picture of my morning cup of coffee. I had also tried to take a picture of the milk being poured into the cup. I had limited success - it was quite tricky holding the camera while pouring the milk! A tripod would have gone a long way to help.

This is also the first time I have posted a picture with our new lens - the Canon EF-M 22mm "pancake". I was able to buy one from eBay for around 50% the recommended retail price of a brand new one. It's our first prime lens (our others are the 15-45mm and 55-200mm lenses from Canon). I've heard good things about the 22mm, especially for its better low light performance and street photography relative to the 15-45mm kit lens. Time will tell!